Gov. Snyder’s Relentless Positive Action PAC announces first round of political endorsements

JULY 19, 2016 – Governor Rick Snyder and Relentless Positive Action (RPAPAC Chairman Bill Parfet announced the first round of RPA PAC endorsements for the 2016 election cycle. The endorsed candidates will receive the maximum contribution allowed from the RPA PAC. The Governor and the RPA PAC are focused on Michigan’s comeback and helping to elect common-sense problem solvers to continue Michigan’s reinvention.

The candidates endorsed today by the RPA PAC include:


“Today’s endorsements from RPA PAC reaffirms my commitment to working with my partners in the legislature to continue Michigan’s reinvention and continue our work of passing balanced budgets, job growth, increasing home values and expanding opportunities for all Michiganders,” said Gov. Rick Snyder. “We have worked together in creating an environment for the creation of more than 450,000 new private sector jobs, the lowest unemployment rate in 15 years, passing six balanced budgets earlier than ever before while eliminating a $1.5 billion deficit is one that we will continue to build upon for years to come.”

RPA PAC Chairman Bill Parfet said, “Ensuring Michigan’s comeback and getting results for the people of Michigan has become routine under Governor Snyder and the Republican Majority Legislature and that should not be taken for granted. Governor Snyder and Republican Leadership in the state House and Senate will continue to keep Michigan’s comeback going and I am confident these candidates will continue Michigan’s reinvention.”

In accordance with the Michigan Campaign Finance Act (MCFA), RPA PAC is limited to contribute $1,000 per election cycle to state house candidates until it meets the requirements of MCFA for higher limits.  The federal contribution limit for the RPA PAC is $2,700 per candidate, per election cycle.

The RPA PAC, a federal hybrid PAC, which was started in September of 2015, aims to have an impact in the current election cycle and will continue to support commonsense problem solving office holders in Michigan and throughout the country.

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