Governor Snyder’s RPA PAC Kicks Off Campaign To Help Michigan House Candidates

September 19, 2016


(LANSING, MI) – Today, the Relentless Positive Action political action committee (RPA PAC) launched a new digital and mail campaign aimed at promoting commonsense problem solvers committed to continuing Michigan’s Comeback. The group, led by Governor Rick Snyder, will deploy efforts to engage grassroots voters in key targeted Michigan House of Representative races starting September 19 through Election Day.

“Over the last six years, Michigan has made a dramatic turnaround with over 450,000 new private sector jobs and the lowest unemployment in 15 years, yet the only way to continue the Michigan comeback is with strong partners in the state legislature that are committed to relentless positive action for the people of Michigan,” said Governor Rick Snyder. “RPA PAC’s effort is focused on educating voters about the important issues in this election and what is at stake for the future of our state.”

RPA PAC ‘s will make a significant investment in this effort, which will incorporate digital ads, direct mail and other tactics aimed at voters in six state house races, including:


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The Relentless Positive Action PAC supports candidates and elected officials who are commonsense problem solvers willing to take on the toughest challenges facing Michigan and our nation. RPA PAC seeks candidates who embrace forward thinking policy initiatives to move Michigan forward and continue the state’s positive reinvention, led by Gov. Rick Snyder. We invest resources based on a 360-degree approach that includes recruiting and training like-minded candidates, educating them on policy developments and ultimately spending our resources on select candidates who show a commitment to embracing the ideals of Relentless Positive Action.

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