The Lights Are Back On: Michigan Comeback Story Shines in New Media Campaign

July 13, 2018


July 11, 2018


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The Lights Are Back On:

Michigan Comeback Story Shines in New Media Campaign

Investments in job creation and education demonstrate state’s growth with

Gov. Rick Snyder 

LANSING, Mich. ‒ In 2010, it was “time for a nerd”: Rick Snyder was hired by the people of Michigan to move the state beyond its obstacles and into a brighter future. Today, under Governor Snyder’s leadership in office, the lights are back on; the Great Lakes State has undergone a revival prime for continued growth and stability, as represented in a new ad campaign. “Thanks, Rick.”

“In Michigan, we have focused on delivering solutions to historic problems and building a path to a bright future.  As we prepare for a shift in governmental leadership, Michigan has a strong foundation for our citizens of today and tomorrow.  Over the past seven years, it has been great to partner with Brian Calley, the best Lt. Governor in the country,” said Snyder, who is in his last year of office as governor.

In the seven years since Snyder and Calley were sworn in, Michigan has enjoyed myriad milestones in shaping its own destiny: 540,000 private sector jobs have been added, unemployment hit a 17-year low last year, $2.1 billion has been invested in K-12 education, there’s been six consecutive years of population growth, the state’s economic growth has been nationally ranked second and more.

In addition, communities across Michigan continue to raise the bar: Grand Rapids is one of the hottest markets in the nation for millennial housing, and Detroit has stepped to the forefront as the “Comeback City” and one of the most exciting places in the country.

“We’re the No. 1 private job creator in the Great Lakes states, and we’ve reached historic heights in investments in education, healthcare and infrastructure,” Snyder said. “By working together as one Michigan in a spirit of cooperation, not confrontation, we have created an environment where our young people are not only staying here but coming here from around the world.”

Let’s stay on this exciting path.  Michigan is back.  We should not slow down or change direction. We still have more Michiganders who we can help become successful and we can ensure long-term success for generations to come. To view the new ad and additional details on how Michigan is “Making Government Accountable,” please visit


About the Michigan Comeback Story

The Michigan Comeback Story is a program of Making Government Accountable: a 501(c)(4) dedicated to sharing the accomplishments of Michigan’s comeback. MGA was founded under Governor Snyder’s leadership in the spring of 2015 in an effort to share Michigan’s accomplishments. A list of accomplishments can be found at

Contributions to Making Government Accountable are not tax-deductible; they support our effective, citizen-based advocacy efforts. 

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